Dingle Bell Rock (Pt. I)

Christmas Part 1.png

Packed tightly into the farthest corner of a plane known simply as The North Pole, there is a quaint town, bustling with holly jolly folks and an ever-present holiday cheer. The adorable little creatures that call this town home, work year-round to produce toys for their benevolent god, the Kringle. Though the townspeople don't know much about their god, as no one has actually seen him, they do know that the towns eternal cheer is bestowed upon them by the Kringle, as thanks for producing the toys he uses to spread his cheer to the rest of the universe.

Every Flaarsember, the people of Tinselton gather in the town square with all the gifts to watch as the Kringle leaves this plane, collecting them all in a flurry of colorful lights. But a dark shadow looms around Tinselton this year. For unknown reasons, fearsome beasts have been emerging from the surrounding woods to try to thwart the town's festive joy! In order to protect the townsfolk, and to keep the toy production on time, the mayor, Gumdrop Bubblepants, has assembled a team of elite Merry Militants...