• Podcast Producer // Director // Musician

  • Dungeon Master on Dingles & Donuts

Sullivan founded Orion Valley Productions with his incredibly talented group of friends back in 2017. He has directed numerous shorts, and manages the goings-on at the company in addition to DM-ing on the Dingles & Donuts podcast. He creates sweet jams in his free time.

Josh Wahl

  • Director // Writer // Actor

  • Host of Frankly, I Love Movies

  • Gel Morzorg on Dingles & Donuts

Josh has performed in numerous musicals around the Binghamton area, in addition to working on and directing many short films during his enrollment at SUNY Broome Community College. He is currently pursuing his dream of being a director at Ithaca College

austin birchard

  • Director // Writer // Cinematographer

  • Mal Bashor on Dingles & Donuts

Austin has worked on several short films in a variety of roles for other creators. As a director, Austin strives to tell impactful stories, above all else.

Kasey clark

He Run.jpg
  • Podcaster // Host // Content-Creator

  • Kazeron Brightscale and Host on Dingles & Donuts

Kasey co-created Orion Valley’s flagship podcast; Dingles and Donuts, alongside Sullivan Harris. He also does production work alongside his peers at SUNY Broome, where he is honing his directing skills. He is currently working on plans for new Podcasts with Orion Valley.

Chris rowe

  • Director // Writer // Editor

  • Sven the Slippery on Dingles & Donuts

Chris is a director who specializes in comedy. After making multiple sketch style videos under the name Laughably Bad, he fell in love with the art of Filmmaking. Chris joined forces with his friends and Orion Valley Productions to create quality content under his unique, zany, and… unorthodox style