Hello fellow adventurers!

The Dingles & Donuts podcast is a weekly, real play, DnD podcast using the 5th Edition rule-set.

Follow host Kasey Clark, and Dungeon Master Sullivan Harris, as they try to rope in a cast of crazy adventurers on their quest through the mythical land of Opier. From racist half-orcs, to slippery elven rogues, these heroes just might save the world....if they don't destroy it first.

New Episodes Every Thursday!


My name is josh wahl, and Frankly, I Love Movies

Frankly, I Love Movies is a bi-weekly film analysis podcast.

Tune in every other Tuesday as host Josh Wahl, and his rotating panel of guests, go into detail about the history and production of a chosen film, offering an in depth critique and analysis. Be it a recent release, a cinematic masterpiece, or a cult classic, he'll watch and discuss it all because Frankly, he loves movies.