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Welcome to ravnica!

The Dingles & Donuts podcast is a weekly, real play, DnD podcast using the 5th Edition rule-set.

Following a series of bombings in the plane-wide city of Ravnica, The Selesnya Conclave calls upon the world’s mightiest heroes to hunt down and apprehend the mysterious perpetrator on this brand new series on the Dingles feed. Welcome to Ravnica!

New Episodes Every Thursday!

My name is Josh Wahl, and Frankly, I Love Movies

Frankly, I Love Movies is a bi-weekly film analysis podcast.

Tune in every other Tuesday as Josh Wahl, and his rotating panel of guests, go into detail about the history and production of a film, offering an in depth critique and analysis. Be it a recent release, a masterpiece, or a cult classic, he'll watch it all because Frankly, he loves movies.

New Episodes Every Tuesday!