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Episode 25 - Kasey's Crazy Questions! (Series Recap)

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Hello Fellow Adventurers! This week, the Dingles are forced to recall all of their adventures together by a sadistic gameshow host, more evil than any enemy they've faced thusfar. His challenges will test not only their memories, but their souls (and their patience)


listeners, from the very bottom of our hearts. We have had so much fun making this podcast for the past 25 weeks, and are excited to continue this journey in the land of Opier. Here's to many critical hits, and another 25 episodes. 

-The Dingles

Episode 18 - Let's Kill Kazeron!

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Hello fellow adventurers! Welcome to Dingles & Donuts, the weekly Dungeons and Dragons "Real-Play" podcast. Our heroes begin their adventure into the mines of Yax Kiig, and as they are about to make a new ally - Kazeron ruins everything, which leads to some serious consequences. But hey, that's just a typical day in the Land of Opier.